Photographing couples and weddings is an absolute honour and there is nothing else I would rather be doing. I've gone from working in a gym to shooting 40 weddings a season in 3 years and in that time I've learned so much! From client experience and shooting fun, authentic images, to planning timelines, editing and printing albums. I have gained so much insight, tips and tricks that I am so keen to share with you to help you get comfortable shooting in all situations, giving your clients the best experience possible, and creating a reputable business and brand!

I am by no means an expert, and there is always so much to learn, but if I can give back to photographers who are in the shoes I was in a few years ago I’d love to boost your confidence and give you a hand to get you on your way!


In the full day session, I give you 6 hours of one on one help and guidance on everything weddings, photography, life and clients! You can rant, you can quiz, you can question and hopefully learn a tonne! From attracting + booking my clients from the initial email to the delivery to shooting and my process for getting real feeling in photos, to editing and anything thing else you want some help and guidance from me on. This session includes a live shoot with a couple so you can see how I shoot, pose, + direct them. I'll also let you shoot them so I can help with any questions you have + give feedback and you can use those images within your own portfolio.
Nothing is off the table with this session, you can ask anything + everything! I'm an open book. You choose what we focus on.
These sessions are around 6 hours, and include coffee, snacks and probably an alcoholic beverage or two at the end!!


+ attracting and booking clients
+ shooting & directing couples on a wedding day and in a couple session
+ live shoot with a couple
+ shooting in all types of light

+ workflow - from start to finish
+ portfolio & website review
+ pricing & PDF's
+ advertising, collaborating, instagram


When I was starting out I am going to be honest, shooting couple sessions was bloody terrifying. So, I want to help you guys get happy and comfortable shooting and directing a real couple so you feel excitement when rocking up to a session rather than sheer anxiety and sweaty palms like I did ;)
What I am offering is you joining me for a one-hour session with a real couple. I will talk you through how I choose locations, how I direct the couple to get those fun images full of love and emotion and how I plan my sessions for the best lighting + more.
You will be given opportunities to shoot and direct the couple with me helping you along the way. You will be able to use these images for your own web and social content too, woohoo.


Casual chats all things photography, weddings, websites, cameras, lenses, contacts, workflow, clients and anything else you want some thoughts, advice, inspiration or tips on! I will offer you all the things I have learnt through the 150+ weddings and shoots I have done over the last few years.