Let's get this going...

        Hey guys, I want you to start by remembering that this day is only going to happen once... And once it's all over your images (plus your marriage of course) are what are going to last a lifetime AND are actually going to get even more special, and gain even more value over time... So please don't make it something to simply tick off the organising list. Do your research, get to know your photographer/ new sister because we will be a MASSIVE part of your day. And what we capture for you, it matters okay. Trust me. You want real, you want emotion and you want to feel damn good showing off how incredible your day was and how incredible you felt marrying the love of your life.

        So now we've got that out of the way let's get a little deeper...

        I want to be just as important to you as you are to me. Let's actually connect, let's actually get to know each other and lets have a bloody amazing day together!!! If you are prepared to get a little weird with me, dance around, get intimate, explore with me, and take the TIME to capture some insane moments then c'mon I am ready if you are.

        I'll be your sister, your best friend, your planner, your DJ, your bartender and your photographer all in one. I'm so ready to put my heart and soul into giving you the best day and the best memories of your best day.

        My pricing starts at $3400 for wedding coverage, elopements are seperate from this. Flick me a message on the contact form below, and tell me some details so I can get excited with you! I may not respond to one line messages with couples just shopping around... I want us to to really connect and have the best day possible!

        Lets Yarn

        Throw me as much info as you can, about you two, how you got to this point, what your vision for the day is, why you want me? Don't spare any details, I want to know it all!!