Gday I'm Sophie

        Here's a little about me

        Lover of people, parties, emotion & intimacy.

        A few years ago I had a pretty set vision of how my life was going to turn out, but after just over 2 years of a law degree I did a complete 180 and went down a creative path instead. Never one to sit still for too long, and totally resistant to repetition I feel so damn lucky to be constantly on the move, meeting rad new people and getting up close and personal my epic couples.

        I am from a small town. If I'm not shooting a wedding I will be out competing my horse in the show-jumping ring. Myself and my partner have a dog called Whippy and our favourite food is the ready roasted chickens from the super market, and Ovi Hydrations peach flavour. I am overly friendly and will make myself at home anywhere...

        I have a love of my own, so I totally know the feeling of staring at someone and just being overwhelmed by feeling. Its insane and so exciting. And although its daunting having photos taken (trust me I know! Theres a photo below..) having these memories documented to look at forever is probably the coolest thing ever.

        If your photos are important to you, and you are game to take the time to document your day, and your love in the best possible way then we'll totally get along. I want to work with couples that will climb a hill for sunset, or jump in the ocean at dusk. You've got to trust me, let me in for a few moments and thats where the magic happens x

        A Little More

        Myself & my love
        Myself & what I love