G'day I'm Sophie
        Here a little info about me

        Lover of people, connections, new places, and stories.

        Since a young age I have devoured books, and have always been obsessed with following a storyline. My other love, taking pictures eventually combined with the above, and now I get to do both. Tell your story through my camera lens.

        I never really knew what I wanted to do, and after just over 2 years of a law degree I did a complete 180 and went down a creative path instead. Never one to sit still for too long, and totally resistant to repetition I feel so damn lucky to be constantly on the move, meeting new people and discovering new forms of love each week.

        I am from a small town, I have horses and dogs and my favourite food is the ready roasted chickens from the super market, and Ovi Hydrations peach flavour. I am overly friendly and will make myself at home anywhere. I am so in love with love, my love, your love, my friends love. Its a bloody magical thing.

        If you are planning a unique day, got some big ideas, love a good sunset or a dance in the rain then we will probably get along pretty damn well! I am so excited to meet you!!